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Delivering Discovery – Since 1971

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Artrain’s mission is to deliver discovery and, through the power of arts and culture, transform lives, organizations and communities.

Investments by Artrain’s donors has sustained this organization for close to 50 years. With its award winning community building program at its core, Artrain  continues to partner with artists and/or arts and cultural institutions to produce and deliver art-infused outreach programs of all types – art, culture, history, science, environment and more – to people in villages, towns and cities. It expands personal horizons and strengthens local cultural infrastructure. Artrain defines community broadly: geographically or as people connected by common interests.

Originally delivering its programs on a museum-on-a-train that used America’s rail system, Artrain retired its rail museum in 2008. Today, Artrain uses a variety of delivery methods to share its programs and services.

Artrain’s five decade legacy is evidenced by what it has left behind. Its lasting impact ranges from inspiring communities to make a deeper investment in the infrastructure of their cultural sector to helping diverse constituencies build working relationships that serve their community for years. Artrain effects lasting change by working with leaders in the host community to galvanize financial and public support for the Artrain visit, imparting lessons and experience that far outlast the specific event.

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