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Programs & Services

Originally delivering its programs on a museum-on-a-train that used America’s rail system, Artrain retired its rail museum in 2008. Today, Artrain uses a variety of delivery methods.

Since its founding in 1971, Artrain has helped start or strengthen hundreds of cultural organizations. In recognition of its legacy, in 2006 Artrain received the National Medal for Museum Service – the nation’s highest award for institutions that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities using that extraordinary and innovative approaches to community service.

Artrain has taken its long-term commitment to strengthening arts and cultural nonprofits to a new level by offering general services, project management, administrative services and fiscals sponsorship services to worthwhile but vulnerable artistic or cultural programs that are not or may not need to be independent nonprofits.

Artrain’s Project Management Services

Program & Project Administration

  • Project planning – collaboratively set objectives & goals
  • Personnel recruitment & management
  • Budgeting, bookkeeping & reporting
  • Timeline development & monitoring
  • Paperwork: letters of agreement, contracts, rights & reproductions, etc.
  • Fiscal sponsorship
  • Projects and Exhibitions

Development, design, fabrication and/or installation management

  • Registrar, loan agreements & condition reports
  • Visitor experience & flow design
  • Education programs & materials
  • Catalogue content, design & printing
  • Technology integration & content
  • Public Relations & Marketing

Marketing & PR plans, development & implementation

  • Graphic design from logos to collateral materials
  • Website design & content
  • Social media
  • Public relations events
  • Tour promotion
  • Financial and Fundraising Services

Develop and monitor budget revenue and expense plans

  • Develop earned revenue plan
  • Program fees, merchandising, licensing, etc.
  • Contributed revenue plan
  • Devise foundation, corporate, individual & government campaign
  • Case statements
  • Grant writing
  • Sponsorship programs
  • Program &/or Tour Delivery

Collaboratively set tour objectives & goals

  • Variety of delivery methods: mobile museum units, pop-up, trunk, virtual tour, etc.
  • Design, fabrication & implementation
  • Prepare tour and/or program delivery plan
  • Promote & book tour and/or program
  • Provide community building programs for tour sites
  • Manage project and/or tour operations & logistics