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One Love Symposium

Youth-Led Educational Forum on the job of Washtenaw County Sheriff

22 February 2024, 6-8pm

Morris Lawrence Building
Washtenaw Community College
4800 E. Huron River Dr. Ann Arbor MI 48108

On February 22 2024 young leaders from Ypsilanti Community Middle School will interview the three candidates for Washtenaw County Sheriff. This youth-led civic engagement opportunity welcomes the community to learn about the work of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. The WCSO has jurisdiction over all 720 square miles of Washtenaw County, including the major municipalities of Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter and Chelsea. The sheriff’s department is responsible for policing and shared policing across these areas as well as the maintenance of the jail and dispatch systems. In addition to these essential programs the WCSO budget also  supports 19 community engagement programs and critical aspects of the emergency management system. The budget for the WCSO is over 60 million dollars and absorbs 52% of the entire county budget. 

That’s a lot of responsibility! 

In 2024 our current sheriff, Jerry Clayton will NOT seek reelection after 16 years - Washtenaw County’s LONGEST serving sheriff! There are three candidates vying for the position and all three are declared democrats! Four students from Ypsilanti Community Middle School will lead a forum to find out about the sheriff’s job. 

  • How are decisions made about what to spend money on?
  • Can a sheriff arrest you?
  • Are they more powerful than local police?
  • Do sheriffs give parking tickets?
  • How can someone become a sheriff?

And many more critical questions to help us ALL better understand what the sheriff does…

Our young leaders will be joined by the Ypsilanti Community Middle School Choir and select members of the band to support the evening with great music AND we will be joined by special local political personalities…STAY TUNED!!

In the words of the great Democracy advocate and neuroscientist, Marian Diamond, we’ve got to “Use it or lose it” when it comes to our democratic process! 

Thank you for supporting quality civic engagement opportunities for young people in Washtenaw County!