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The Michigan State Budget - $11 Million in Funding for The Michigan Arts & Culture Council (MACC) for FY23-24

Michigan's state budget negotiations have closed. The State Budget passed a $82 billion omnibus bill on June 28, 2023. While the House allocated a one-time additional $4 million for the MACC, the Senate did not follow suit.

However, we celebrate and applaud the arts + creative industries advocates and culture bearers who urged Members of Congress to fight for an increase and for funding for our sector. Because of you, each year the momentum for an increase grows.

The next budget year begins Oct. 1, 2023. We will keep you informed as we learn more about funding specifically for the arts + creative industries.

Read the FY24 State Budget.

Recommended Reading 

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2023 Recommended Legislative Action Items - What to Watch

Keep an eye out for re-introduction of the House and Senate Art Therapy licensure bill that would provide accreditation for music therapists and provide resources to help support the development of music therapy treatment plans. 

Read the bill last year's text here and follow the Michigan Association of Art Therapy (MAAT Michigan) for advocacy updates.

Legislative Reintroductions

Use your voice as an arts + creative industries advocate to make a case for why bills that support our industry should be re-introduced this year. Americans for the Arts keeps a running tab of the current arts/cultural bills that are or need to be reintroduced in Congress. Find that list here.

Most recently, we are asking our U.S. Reps to co-sponsor the Performing Artists Tax Parity Act H.R. 2871.

We are also asking our U.S Senators and Reps to co-sponsor the Charitable Act (S. 566 and H.R. 3435).

Stay tuned as a reader of the Creative Michigan Advocate for updates.

Meet with Your Elected Officials

Now is the perfect time to set up a meeting with your State Senator or State Representative and share your stories, concerns and legislative priorities. Not sure where to start?

Below are a combination of recommended "asks" based on combined input from Cultural Advocacy Network of Michigan and Creative Michigan Advocate. We hope you find them helpful.

Access the State of Michigan Legislative Call to Action Recommendations.

2023 Cultural Advocacy Day (CAN) Advocacy Day Issue Areas

2023 Michigan Arts + Creative Industries Advocacy Day - March 17, 2023 

Contact Your Elected Officials & Representatives

Schedule a coffee hour with your elected officials.

Federal Elected Officials

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Click here to find your U.S. House Representative.

Statewide Elected Officials

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Lieutenant Governor Garlin D. Gilchrist II

(517) 373-6800

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Attorney Genera Dana Nessel

Click here to find your State Senators.

Click here to find your State Representatives. 

As a local arts leader, the Arts + Social Impact Explorer in your case making tool. Explore the intersection of the Arts with 30 sectors to gather resource to educate decision makers about the social impact of the arts and encourage more arts-supportive policy action at the local level. 

  • Spin the Explorer wheel and review a snapshot of Arts + your selected sector’s social impact through sample projects, impact points, and selected publications.
  • Search for projects that are having significant social impact at the local level and add your own projects and stories to the Local Project database.
  • Make your case and Build a Fact Sheet to present to decision makers that includes your own organization’s projects and pulls from resources in the Explorer.
  • Find publications and studies in the National Arts Publication Database, your one stop publications bibliography of arts administration, policy, and practice for Arts Administrators.

Spin the interactive wheel!

Scale & Scope: Self-Educate to Have Some Facts on Hand

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