About Us

Delivering Discovery for 40 years, Artrain, a nonprofit arts organization, has delivered world class arts and cultural exhibitions and education programs to under-resourced communities throughout the United States.

Winner of the National Medal for Museum Service, Artrain’s mission is to use the power of arts and culture to transform lives, organizations and communities. Originally using America’s rail system to deliver art exhibitions, Artrain now delivers cultural outreach programs to people in villages, towns and cities everywhere through a variety of methods including mobile touring exhibitions and cultural education and engagement programs. Since its founding in 1971, more than 3.2 million people have visited Artrain during more than 850 community visits across the nation.

Artrain, Inc. is sponsored in part by:

  • (MCACA, NEA ArtWorks.gov)

Get Involved

Artrain greatly appreciates that people want to help it serve its mission and reach its goals. Artrain offers a variety of ways for people to get involved. For more information about these opportunities please contact Debra Polich at deb.polich@artrainusa.org or by calling 734.747.8300.

Become a Board Member

Reflecting a mission that extends to communities large and small across the country, Artrain has a national board of directors, recruiting accomplished, influential and demographically diverse board members with a passion for Artrain’s mission. Artrain is currently undertaking the significant expansion of its organizational and programmatic reach by aligning its core competencies with the needs of communities and site-based cultural institutions. Board members are needed to continue our tradition of strong leadership, guide this transformation and foster awareness and networks of support while building upon a foundational 40 years of experience.

Become a Volunteer or Intern

Interning or volunteering is a great way to get involved in what Artrain is doing. We look forward to meeting you soon! : If you live in the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area and would like to learn more about volunteering or interning in the home office, please call us.