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Signs of the Times Exhibition and the Graffiti Artrain

The Sign of the Times Exhibition

1986 Tour to Four States, 22 Cities and reached 90,600 people.

Signs of the Times showcased approximately 50 artworks, by such artists as Marcel Duchamp, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Audrey Flack and Richard Estes. Through their artworks, Signs of the Times helped to describe the artistic styles of Pop Art, photo-realism and Dadaism. Pop art was an artistic style in which artists were influenced by objects in the world around them - billboards, movies, mass produced food products and automobiles. Photo-realism is characterized by the meticulous reproduction of photographic images on canvas. Dadaism came about after the First World War, in which artists showed their disillusionment with the world after the devastation of the war. They purposefully chose objects and techniques to convey their perception of the meaninglessness of moral values after the war’s great destruction.

The Artrain Graffiti Train
Artrain commissioned urban artists to paint the exterior of the Artrain’s rail cars for its 1986 tour of the Signs of the Times: Pop Art and Photo-Realism in America exhibition. These train painters, or graffiti artists, whose beginning traced back to painting murals on unattended train cars, were invited to paint 12 murals on the cars over the course of four days. Many of their murals used familiar images from Pop Art. Commissioning graffiti artists caused quite a bit of controversy for Artrain. It was covered widely by the media and the subject of many lively debates.

Link to Graffiti Train Art Auction information

The exterior train artists included:

Bill "Blast" CorderoSuzan Pitt
Delta (Boris Tellegen)Lee (Lee Quiñones)
DeltaVulcan (William Crutchfield)
Kel Mar - (Kel = Randy Rodriguez & Mar = his brother)Dondi J. White
Koor (Charles Hargrove)Zephyr (Andrew Witt)
PHASE 2 (Lonny Wood)Harry Chalfont – the renowned photographer of urban was on-site to photograph the painting of the Graffiti Artrain.

The Sign of the Times Artists & Lenders

John BaederCollection of the artist
Robert BechtleWhitney Museum of Art, NY
Charles BellLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Tom BlackwellLouis & Susan Miesel
Bill Blast CorderoCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
John Clem ClarkeAmerican Republic Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA
Chuck CloseMuseum of the Contemporary Art
Robert CottinghamDetroit Institute of the Arts
Allan D'ArcangeloCollection of the artist
Delta Commissioned by Artrain - exterior
Jim DineMuseum of Modern Art
Marcel DuchampYves Arman
Don EddyUniversity of Michigan Museum of Art
Richard EstesLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Audrey FlackLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Futura 2000Commissioned by Artrain - exterior
Joe GoodeNew York University Art Collection
Red GroomsCollection of the artist
Robert IndianaArcher M. Huntington Art Gallery, University of Texas
Jasper JohnsDetroit Institute of the Arts
Kel MarCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
David KesslerMinnesota Museum of Art, Saint Paul
Ron KleemanHirshorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution
KoorCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
Marilyn LevineO. R. Harris Works of Art, NY
Roy LichtensteinNew York University Art Collection
Noel MahaffeyLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Claes OldenburgNelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City
Richard PettiboneLouis & Susan Miesel
PHASE 2Commissioned by Artrain - exterior
Suzan PittCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
Lee QuinonesCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
Mel RamosLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Robert RauschenbergMuseum of Modern Art
Larry RiversMunson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica
James RosenquistDetroit Institute of the Arts
Edward RuschaDetroit Institute of the Arts
Paul StaigerLouis K. Miesel Gallery, NY
Wayne ThiebaudDes Moines Art Center
VulcanCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
Andy WarholS. Brooks Barron
Dondi WhiteCommissioned by Artrain - exterior
ZephyrCommissioned by Artrain - exterior